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Here's some frequently asked questions about StagePrep...



Where is my data stored?

StagePrep stores all your data safely and securely in the cloud (Google specifically)

How can I login to the app?

StagePrep currently only supports Google accounts (users with a Google Gmail account). We're working to add other authentication methods in the future. StagePrep also does not use, process, or store any password data for users of the app.

Can I import my existing inventory data into StagePrep?

Definitely! We're here to help you get any existing inventory data you might have into StagePrep. Please shoot us an email at and we'll help you get your data imported.

Can I export my data from StagePrep?

Sure, we can help you export a copy of your data. Send us an email at

How many StagePrep users can I have for my company?

(BETA) We're currently limiting our beta users to one single user/license per company. As we prepare to finalize our beta testing and release the app for everyone, we will provide details on our user licensing and pricing.

Can I use StagePrep offline (on an airplane, when not connected to wifi/cellular data)?

Yes! StagePrep cache's (stores) a local copy of your data so you can work in the app when not connected to a data connection. Note: it's best to first launch the app while on a data connection (wifi, cellular data) to get the most updated copy of your data synchronized to your device before jumping on a plane or working offline. All transactions/updates performed while offline will be cached and synch'd to your database when you've reconnected to a data connection.

Is there a privacy policy for StagePrep?

Yes, you can access it here:

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